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Volunteer With Us

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Welcome fighter!

How are you feeling about becoming a non-smoker?

Is this feeling exhilarating and exciting? Do you feel relieved that your health will no longer take the hit and your quality of life will improve? Are you enjoying higher self-confidence because you have started this journey?

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Do you remember the time when you tried to quit using other methods and were discouraged to a point where you thought that smoking was now a part of your life? Self-Control methods did not work, Or NRT may have got you addicted to nicotine gums or patches! Unyielding results did take a toll on your hopes, didn’t they?

There is an epidemic problem in the world


people are addicted to some form of tobacco.


people die every year because of this


is spent by USA government alone on medical costs related to tobacco


smokers quit after using Government supported methods like nicotine substitutes*

*they end up spending $1500 for each successful quitter.
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96% of the quitting attempts fail. Every failure leads to despair. The world needs hope.

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You can be the guiding light for other smokers who just need a little hope!

Join our volunteer program and become our brand ambassador spreading  the hope to succeed. If you think your Quit story can motivate many out there to let go of these sticks and come out of their misery, then you are in the right place.

If you want to create a positive impact on society, then helping people quit smoking is a
highly fulfilling and satisfying experience. Even if you are able to transform one life and help them come out of this miserable dependence on nicotine, that would feel amazing.

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Introducing QuitSure Volunteer Program

You can volunteer for us by participating in some of these activities

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Sharing your story,
journey and how you feel about our program

(Your story is more effective to people than a celebrity’s fake endorsement)

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Sharing a review on PlayStore or iOS App Store

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Creating Reels for QuitSure on Instagram

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Joining various social forums and spreading the word

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Joining our referral/affiliate program

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Distribute our cards in your locality

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While the real benefit for you is the satisfaction of changing people’s lives;

we would also like to provide the following benefits based on your efforts if you are interested.

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Get Amazon gift vouchers

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Free subscriptions for your loved ones

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Separate compensation if you make Reels for us

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Attractive commission if you join our affiliate program (upto 30%)

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Make a Difference

This is your chance to make a difference! You have been in the position of these smokers who are trying to quit. A little motivation and help goes a long way!

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone
who can never repay you.

John Bunyan

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