Smoke-Free in 6 Days with NO CRAVINGS

A personalised app-based program designed for you to quit smoking easily and permanently

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Our Method

Using proven behavioural science and psychological tools, QuitSure changes the way you think and feel about smoking

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No Will Power

What's the point of fighting cravings everyday? QuitSure removes the desire to smoke


No Guilt

We respect smokers. We respect their decision to quit

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No Chewing Gums/Vapes

We don't replace one bad habit with another. We simply remove the need for nicotine 

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No Lifestyle Change

No need to avoid smoker friends & certain events. Keep your drinking/eating habits as is.

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No Tracking

We know its annoying and impractical to track cigarettes. It definitely doesnt help with  quitting

Why QuitSure?

How many times have you promised yourself that you won't smoke anymore?

Only to find yourself starting again the next time you drink or have stress, thinking "I'll just have one"

How many times have you decided that maybe cutting down will be easier?

Only to find yourself miserable all day and often, back to your original level of smoking within a week

How many times have you tried nicotine gums or patches?

Only to find that they aren't nearly as satisfying as cigarettes and you sometimes end up using both!

Or maybe you have never even tried to quit?

Because the world has convinced you that quitting smoking is too hard, and never works.

QuitSure eliminates all these issues and

helps you quit smoking

simply, smartly, and permanently

without any discomfort or cravings.

You have a 95% chance of success if you do the entire program.

What Our Clients Say

"31 days without a cigarette, yes I said 31 days. And that's from someone who was approaching the 30 yr mark of being a smoker. And you know what? It was easy, I didn't get irritated or anything. 🤩👍 If you really wanna quit, and not waste money on plasters or gum, then do it the QuitSure way. Its free and you get support from a mentor if you need it."

—  Stewart Trout

Key Features of the Program


Psychological Habit Change


95% success



Personalised to your triggers 


Powerful techniques to stay smoke free


Smoke during the program




A simple yet effective program that requires just 10 hours over 6-10 days. Daily sessions with text and video content, and quick exercises keep you engaged, and guide you through the process of quitting smoking