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How do I login to my account?

In the login screen, choose the same login method you had used when you had created the account. If you had created your account via email address or mobile number, simply enter your details. You will receive a verification code at the respective location. Enter the code to access your account and your progress in the program.

Is my device supported?

We currently support all Android and iOS mobile phones. Your software version must be: IOS: 13 & up Android: 8.0.0 & up

How do I delete my account?

Send us an email at along with the method you used to log in to your account. If your account is mobile number based then please share your registered mobile number so that we can identify the account that belongs to you.

Subscriptions and pricing

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The QuitSure Program

Is this app appropriate for my child?

This app is designed for any cigarette smoker/vaper who would like to quit smoking/vaping once and for all, and without any cravings. We hope that your child does not smoke cigarettes/vape, but if they do, then this app is the right place for them to quit smoking.

Can I continue smoking during the program?

YES! In fact we highly recommend that you do not change your smoking frequency at all until the end of the program.

Why can I see only one day of the program?

QuitSure uses behavioral science to change your habits and desires. For the program to work, it is important for you to take the time to retain the content and practice the exercises associated with each day of the program before you can move on to the next one.

How much time do I have to commit to complete the program?

The program is designed to take around one hour everyday for 6 days. You can also do the program at your own pace and go slower than this if you like, however we recommend that you complete the program in a maximum of 12 days.

Is this app only for smoking cigarettes?

This app is for all kinds of nicotine based products - cigarettes, pipes, beedis, vapes, chewing tobacco, etc.

Can I combine this program with some other program or technique?

No. There is no need to use any other techniques while using QuitSure. You will understand why as you do the program.

What if I have some questions during the program?

You can reach out to your personal coach within the app. We provide chat-based coaching and usually respond within 6-12 hours of your initial message. We also have a chatbot that handles most common questions instantly. You can also e-mail us at

Quitting Smoking

Will I need to buy any nicotine patches, chewing gums, or vapes to quit smoking?

Not at all. This will be explained in detail in the program.

Is it very difficult to quit smoking?

It can be very difficult to quit smoking using self-control or nicotine replacement methods. It is very easy to quit smoking using QuitSure.

When should I quit smoking?

Now is the best time to quit. If you decide a future date, it means your motivation and confidence will reduce by the time your target date arrives.

Will there be withdrawal symptoms (headache, anxiety, panic, irritation, sadness etc.) when I quit smoking?

No. This will be explained during the program.

Can I smoke non-nicotine cigarettes or vapes, herbal cigarette, hookah?

You won't feel like smoking these things after this program.

Will I gain weight?

In this program, you will not put on weight as long as you don't replace smoking with food. We will provide you with techniques so that you don't replace smoking with food.

Can I socialize or go to parties after quitting?

Yes. Of course you can socialize. You can even hang out with your smoker friends.

What if I think about smoking?

This is completely normal. We will provide you simple techniques to deal with these thoughts.

My partner doesn't want to quit smoking. Will I be able to quit?

Many people who work in the tobacco industry or sell cigarettes don't smoke themselves and are perfectly happy non-smokers. So you don't need to worry about being surrounded by smokers.

What if I only smoke while drinking alcohol?

Everyone has different reasons or situations in which they smoke. It doesn't matter. The basic principles of quitting smoking are the same for everyone.

Will I need to seek external support from friends and family to help me quit?

No. Anyone can quit smoking on their own by following this program.

Will I get a cough after quitting smoking?

Surprisingly, yes. The tar that has deposited in your lungs will start loosening up in a few days. So you might get a cough. It will be temporary. Don't worry about it.

If I don't smoke, will I get constipated?

Very few people have constipation issues. This is not related to smoking. We will share why this happens and tips to help you with constipation.

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