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10 Inspiring Quit Smoking Slogans to Help You Stay Motivated

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

For those engaged in the strenuous battle of quitting smoking, the journey often feels like a daunting, never-ending path. But fear not! When the journey gets tough, sometimes all we need are words, powerful and inspiring, to keep us going.

In this realm, quit smoking slogans can play a pivotal role. These potent phrases encapsulate the resolve, the struggle, and the ultimate triumph associated with the endeavor to quit smoking. Let's explore ten of such motivating slogans and the sentiment behind them.

1. Slogan: "Kiss Tobacco Goodbye, Say Hello to Life!"

This charming quit smoking slogan paints a vivid image. It’s a call to action that emphasizes the choice you have - between holding on to a harmful habit or embracing a healthier, more vibrant life. This slogan underlines the opportunity to give up not just a habit but a risk to your life, and instead, welcome the myriad joys that life has to offer when not obscured by a cloud of smoke.

2. Slogan: "Quitting is Tough, Not Quitting is Tougher!"

This quit smoking slogan takes an honest approach. Yes, quitting smoking is hard; it involves breaking a habit, handling withdrawals, and battling cravings. But the slogan also brings to light the harsh truth - continuing to smoke, facing its devastating health effects, dealing with constant worry and regret, is much tougher. It's a stark but motivational reality check.

3. Slogan: "The Best Time to Quit is Now!"

Procrastination is a common trap that most smokers looking to quit often fall into. This quit smoking slogan addresses that very issue. It emphasizes the urgency to quit smoking and reinforces the fact that there's no better time to start the journey than the present moment.

4. Slogan: "Don't Be a Slave to the Crave!"

This punchy quit smoking slogan addresses the grip that nicotine addiction can have on individuals. It appeals to one's sense of autonomy and self-control. It encourages smokers to seize control and break free from the chains of their cravings.

5. Slogan: "Breathe Healthily, Live Happily!"

Here’s a slogan that puts a positive spin on quitting smoking. Instead of focusing on the act of giving something up, it emphasizes what you gain – the ability to breathe better and consequently, live a happier and healthier life.

6. Slogan: "Smoke-Free - the Way to Be!"

This quit smoking slogan champions the smoke-free lifestyle, making it the 'cool' and 'desirable' state of being. It is a phrase that aligns well with today’s growing health-conscious and wellness-oriented society.

7. Slogan: "Not a Puff, Enough is Enough!"

This quit smoking slogan serves as a firm resolution, an oath that individuals can repeat to themselves, especially during moments of temptation. It's an empowering mantra for those times when you need an extra boost of resolve.

8. Slogan: "Be Smart, Don’t Start!"

This quit smoking slogan is especially apt for young adults and teenagers who are often at risk of picking up smoking due to peer pressure or societal influences. It cleverly ties intelligence and wisdom with the choice of not starting to smoke.

9. Slogan: "Choose Health, Not Smoke!"

A powerful choice-oriented quit smoking slogan that reminds you that every time you pick up a cigarette, you're choosing smoke over your health. It underlines the power of choice and the impact of these choices on your well-being.

10. Slogan: "Put it Out, Before it Puts YOU Out!"

A bit dramatic, perhaps, but this quit smoking slogan hits hard. It draws attention to the ultimate cost of smoking – life itself. It's a sharp and impactful reminder of what’s at stake.


Words have power, and quit smoking slogans can pack quite a punch. They encapsulate complex emotions, struggles, and victories into easily digestible, memorable lines. While each person's journey to quit smoking is unique, these slogans offer a shared language of motivation and encouragement.

So, whether you're contemplating quitting, are in the throes of withdrawal, or standing proud as a non-smoker, remember these slogans. They are your cheerleaders, your cautioning guides, and your congratulatory applause. Remember, every journey begins with a single step, and every cigarette not smoked is a victory in itself!

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