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How I Gained my Confidence after Quitting Smoking

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Dreary, lonely, tired and glum,

With no one, life was no fun.

Had I no courage, all was done

Smoking made me, from life, run!

I started my QuitSure 6-Day Program as my last hope to quit smoking. It was the only ray of sunshine I could find. After having tried multiple times to quit and failed, it just contributed to my lack of self-confidence.

I was already drowning the pool of smoking addiction and low self-esteem. Gone was the young girl who, despite succumbing to peer pressure at times, stood by her opinions. I was no longer the extroverted, fun-loving girl, who loved socializing with people. There was a part of me that left me, when I started to smoke.

Loads of research and failures later, I struck gold.

And then, Day 1 of the course rolled in. There was a line I read which said “QuitSure detangles your thoughts and beliefs about smoking and removes your desire to smoke.”

You see, that is when I realized, it was not just the chemical addiction, my subconscious was talking too. It was screaming for help, to free it from this addiction so that I could live a better life.

In a way, I was glad, there was no medical mumbo-jumbo; just changing my perception, nullifying my dependency on smoking and shedding light on all misconceptions attached to it. I felt rejuvenated, my desires about smoking were rewired.

With determination and focus, I chose myself. My self-love won and I successfully completed all 6 days of the course, FOR MYSELF. The healing had begun.

6 months smoke-free, I feel worthy now - of love, success and joy.

Don’t let your inner self-esteem die. Kill the cigarette instead! It will make you stronger and happier ! Learn more about identifying triggers and quitting smoking for good.

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