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Nico****, Nicor***** and Nonsense: My Quest to Find a Quit Smoking Product that Works

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Part 1: My Smoke-Filled Journey

Like a compass that stubbornly points south, my quest to quit smoking always led me back to the same point – the comforting embrace of a lit cigarette. The familiarity, the taste, the satisfaction of nicotine hitting my bloodstream – I craved it all. It was a treacherous cycle, my earnest attempts to quit matched equally by my insurmountable urge to light up another stick. Determined to escape this endless loop, I set out on an expedition to discover 'quit smoking products' that would provide the escape route I was desperately seeking.

Part 2: My Dance with Nicor*****

Emboldened by the belief that I was strong enough to let go of smoking, I turned to Nicor*****. Nicor***** – the nicotine patch that promised a steady stream of nicotine without the lethal extras of tar and harmful gases. For a while, it seemed to work. The first few weeks were a breeze. I no longer woke up with the craving for a cigarette, and I was starting to believe that this could be it – the solution I was searching for.

Alas, the honeymoon period didn't last. Slowly, but surely, the cravings returned. I missed the ritual of smoking – the break from work, the social bonding, the comforting routine. Despite the patch plastered on my arm, releasing its steady stream of nicotine, my fingers itched for a cigarette. The physical cravings were managed, but the psychological longing for a smoke overpowered me. Dejected, I realized that Nicor*****, though useful, couldn't sever my entrenched psychological bonds with smoking.

Part 3: The Nicor***** Journey

Next up was Nicor*****, the nicotine gum that seemed to be on every ex-smoker's recommendation list. A piece of gum to replace a smoke – it seemed so simple, so doable. I swapped my cigarette packs for gum packets and hoped for the best.

Yet, like a sequel that could never live up to the original movie, the gum didn't hit the spot. Yes, it did alleviate the cravings, and yes, it did offer a handy distraction. But it lacked the pleasure, the satisfaction that a smoke offered. Chewing gum in the middle of the day or after meals felt out of place. The familiar aftertaste of tobacco was replaced by an odd peppery tang that never quite sat well with me. The gum was a band-aid, a temporary distraction, but it couldn't fill the void left by the absence of cigarettes.

Part 4: Other Products and the Continuation of Nonsense

I tried a potpourri of other 'quit smoking products' as well – hypnosis apps, meditation, and even some strange concoctions recommended by well-meaning friends. Each product, every attempt, culminated in the same result. They worked as temporary measures, only to leave me yearning for a smoke when life got tough, or when I was caught in a moment of celebration, or simply when the monotonous daily routine got too boring.

Part 5: QuitSure – The Game Changer

In the midst of my repeated attempts and failures, I stumbled upon QuitSure – a stop smoking app that was raking up positive reviews. Skeptical but desperate, I downloaded it.

What unfolded was nothing short of a revelation. Here was an app that didn't just focus on replacing physical nicotine cravings but aimed at rewiring the brain to eliminate the desire for smoking. QuitSure dove deep into the root cause of the issue – the psychological addiction to smoking. It wasn't about replacing the cigarette with a gum or a patch, but about eliminating the need for a substitute in the first place.

Armed with behavioral therapy techniques, the app offered a more holistic approach to smoking cessation. It helped me identify my triggers, understand my smoking patterns, and devise strategies to combat cravings. More importantly, it made me realize that quitting smoking was not about denying myself something but about freeing myself from the hold of nicotine.


My journey to quit smoking has been a roller-coaster ride – one filled with hope, desperation, triumphs, and failures. The 'quit smoking products' I tried played their parts, offering temporary respite but falling short of a permanent solution. QuitSure, however, was the game-changer, the lighthouse guiding me towards a smoke-free life. It made me realize that the fight against nicotine isn't won by substituting the cigarette with another product; it's won by discarding the need for a substitute. For anyone embarking on their quit smoking journey, remember that quitting is a journey, not a destination, and with the right tools, a smoke-free future is not a distant dream but a tangible reality.

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