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Press Release 2

When technology rescues humans...

Some people have weird hobbies, and mine is scanning for interesting apps on the Play Store. Recently, I came across this unique app, QuitSure, and thought of sharing about it. I didn’t know that technology could change our lives for the better to this extent. We understand how nicotine addiction (via smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco) has spoiled many marriages, families and societal health at large. Well, this app has helped thousands of smokers become smoke-free in just a few weeks. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It doesn’t stop here. It’s absolutely free! After trying hundreds of methods like nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes, nicotine gums etc., this seems to be a go-to for people suffering from heavy cigarette smoking or chewing tobacco. 


Many artificial evils plague our society, and nicotine addiction is prominent among them. In India, smoking kills over 1 million people every year. India is the third-largest producer of tobacco. Moreover, according to WHO, around 12% of smokers in the world are Indians. No matter how much we try to ignore these numbers, they show the bitter truth. And don’t forget, it’s an addiction. It doesn’t come with affordability. Whether you are rich or poor, you will want to spend what you earn on a few puffs because you depend on it for your sanity. Your cravings without smoking or tobacco cannot let you live in peace. The only option is to quit. 


The question is how to quit? It’s easier said than done. That’s when QuitSure comes into play. It has a 6-day psychological program that lets you control your mind without asking you to quit smoking while doing the program. It needs 1-hour of your day for a week’s duration where you can decide your pace. Just read and quit. It claims to have a 95% success rate, which is reflected in its app reviews with clients’ presence from across the globe. They are flooded with couples, teenagers, heart patients, and celebrities who want to thank and donate to them for this noble deed. 


When we reached out to QuitSure, a team of graduates from Stanford, IIT & IIM, who were former smokers, they seemed overwhelmed by their clients’ responses. They were optimistic about removing this social evil by helping people quit. They imagine a world where people are not embarrassed or dependent anymore. Where people have more self-confidence, better health, more time and money at hand. People can freely socialise, handle stress without needing a puff, and their peers don’t judge them. What else does a person need! 


It is a big step towards making society healthy where even passive smoking and pollution can cause ailments like cancer. It’s not just about those who smoke, but about everyone who loves the thought of being able to breathe fresh air. Given that smoking has increased during this pandemic, it is incredible to see that technology can rescue us exactly when our society needs it most.

Keywords: technology, society, healthy, smoking, tobacco, cancer, app, quit, methods

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