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Why Did Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Did Not Work for Me?

Hi, I'm Henry (the name of the person has been changed to protect their identity). A while back, I embarked on a unique journey, trying self hypnosis to quit smoking. Yes, you read that right. The promise of controlling my subconscious and steering it towards a smoke-free future was tantalizing. This is the story of my hypnotic journey - one that took me to the depths of my mind and brought me back stronger than ever.

Chapter 1: Exploring Hypnosis

Before we go any further, let's clear up what self-hypnosis is. It's a state of extreme concentration, used to change behavior. For me, this meant teaching my mind to associate smoking with unpleasantries. Equipped with a couple of self-hypnosis guides, I was excited and hopeful to start my journey with self-hypnosis to quit smoking.

Chapter 2: Going Under

Self hypnosis to quit smoking begins with deep relaxation and visualization. Imagine me, comfortable in my armchair, eyes shut, guiding myself into a state of tranquility. I focused my mind on the benefits of a smoke-free life - my health, vitality, and how I'd reclaim them by quitting. This is the charm of self-hypnosis to quit smoking - the notion of harnessing the power of your own subconscious.

Chapter 3: Sowing the Seed

Once relaxed, the next step was the suggestion phase. This is where I 'implanted' the idea of a smoke-free life into my subconscious. "I am a non-smoker," I would reassure myself, envisioning a life free from nicotine. This is a critical part of self-hypnosis to quit smoking, where the foundations for a smoke-free life are laid.

Chapter 4: Facing the Demons

However, things started to get tough a few weeks in. Self-hypnosis demands consistency and a lot of mental strength. There were days when the cravings were intense, and the suggestions seemed weak. I began to question the effectiveness of trying self hypnosis to quit smoking- was it enough to overpower years of nicotine addiction?

Chapter 5: Reality Check

Three months in, my worst fears materialized. Despite my best efforts, the cravings breached my mental fortifications. The harsh reality of self-hypnosis to quit smoking dawned on me - it wasn't the magical cure I had hoped for. Crushed, I succumbed to my old smoking habits.

Chapter 6: My Saving Grace

But every downfall has its uprising. That's when I discovered QuitSure - a comprehensive smoking cessation app. In contrast to my solitary journey with self-hypnosis, QuitSure offered an all-inclusive approach, blending cognitive behavior therapy, and constant support. Six months after QuitSure, and I am still completely smoke free. It underscored the restrictions of self-hypnosis to quit smoking and highlighted the power of a holistic approach.

Conclusion: My Hypnotic Odyssey Ends

That's the story of my self hypnosis to quit smoking journey. As fascinating as self-hypnosis was, it was my determination to quit, reinforced by the comprehensive support from the QuitSure app, that finally set me free from the clutches of nicotine. Today, I remain smoke-free, my journey a testament to the true power of comprehensive support, and the limitations of self-hypnosis in tackling nicotine addiction

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