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What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking? A Detailed Timeline of Benefits

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Cigarettes – when you smoke, it is a thrill, as you go ahead, it kills. Like any form of addiction, smoking too seems like fun when you begin, your friends pull you into it, or you smoke because it is “cool” to do so, or you believe that it is a stress buster. Thrills like these appear harmless at first, you’d think that “Puff! It’s just a smoke”. But just like rust, it corrodes your lungs, making you eventually incapable of performing the most basic functions like dulling of olfactory and taste senses, and leading to chronic ailments like lung failure, and respiratory and oral cancers.

Quitting smoking, thus, becomes essential, not just to improve your lifestyle and health, but also to save your pocket (PS – this is not a cheap thrill, y’all). We are not going to deny, finding the easiest way to quit smoking might seem challenging (but what if we say we can help you there?). But the fact still stands, any form of detox appears like a punishment, but in the end yields benefits, which in our case, would be – better health, a better lifestyle, and a happier life devoid of constant cigarette cravings.

There are many ways to quit smoking, but the use of behavioral psychology and CBT has been found to be the most effective method to quit. QuitSure, an app to help quit smoking, adheres to this technique. A 6-day app-based personalized program, QuitSure simplifies the process of quitting smoking by completely discarding the craving to smoke. By raising positive consciousness in the mind of the user, it uproots the desire to smoke, freeing you from nicotine addiction forever.

Resisting nicotine/cigarette cravings is definitely not an easy process. The timeline to quit smoking might seem challenging. But remember, you owe it, not just to yourself, but also to your loved ones. Let us take a detailed look at the timeline so that you know what to expect. And you decide that it is worth taking the easiest way to quit smoking (Please note that there will be variations in some effects depending on your levels of addiction) –

24 Hours of Quitting –

The health benefits of quitting smoking start from the 20th minute you fight your addiction. Your blood pressure and pulse rates start going back to their normal levels. The fibers in the bronchial tubes of the lungs, which clean the bacteria and reduce infections, will resume their regular movements. At the 8–12-hour mark, your body starts the cleansing process, the oxygen levels increase in your body. It is rewarding you for controlling your addiction and helps you make significant progress to quit smoking. At the end of 24 hours, you have officially decreased the risk of a heart attack. You will love this feeling! Especially now, that now you have let go of your addiction with an app to help quit smoking.

72 Hours of Quitting -

48 hours into your attempt to quit smoking, another health benefit that you have earned (like tokens in a video game at different levels) is repairing and strengthening nerves and regaining a sense of taste and smell. As the 3rd-day rolls in, the nicotine levels in your body will have started to deplete. Breathing gets easier as the bronchial tubes start to work efficiently, increasing oxygen permeability and lung capacity. You start feeling energetic again!

You have come so far! It is only a matter of time, my friend, hold on to the dedication and visualize the utmost satisfaction that you will experience once you completely rid yourself of the cravings. The health benefits that you will come across, will act as a positive reinforcement. Fight the temptations, fight the withdrawal symptoms – irritability, anxiety, weight changes, change in eating habits – but it is worth it!

2 weeks after quitting

The fact that you have made it to a week is a milestone! Statistically, those who make it this far, have a higher success rate of de-addiction. In week 2, your motor senses have improved – you can move around, walk and maybe even run with ease – your brain regulates hand-to-eye coordination better. And mind you, this miracle has occurred because you quit smoking and your lungs have rewarded you with improved oxygenation.

Do not lose this ‘Quit Smoking’ battle against your cravings. With the easiest way to quit smoking within your reach, your happier and healthier side awaits you at the other end of the finish line. Reward yourself with the smiles of your loved ones to traverse through your quitting timeline.

3 months of Quitting

One month in and things are brighter for you! The health benefits and lifestyle improvements that you would have experienced make you feel better! Heightened energy levels, improved respiratory functioning, and breathing issues like sinus, congestion, and breathlessness have reduced in severity.

Three months? Phew! The journey you have traversed with the app to help quit smoking i.e. QuitSure has been amazing. Your caution, determination, and restraint have paved the way for you – you have stood by your goal of achieving the ‘quit smoking’ timeline. With improved breathing and lung capacity, comes normalcy and the ability to function like you used to, before you started smoking. For a woman, her reproductive organs become stronger, avoiding premature delivery and improving fertility.

9 months of Quitting

You have gifted yourself a longer life than you would have when you were smoking. You are healing, and with you, so are your lungs. Healed Cilia (hair-like structures in the lungs that are in charge of the cleansing process) ensure better resistance to lung diseases, which decreases the chances of infections. You are living more, struggling less. Your body is fighting the cravings with ease as your mind is now set to improve your life quality.

1 year of Quitting

Congratulations! You are one year in. With the easiest way to quit smoking, you are smoke-free! You would have noticed that you can work out without huffing and puffing; there is a significant decline in coughing. Bodily functions are in-sync, and the heart is healthier. Your mind is supporting the body with reduction, detox, and brain functioning. Happiness courses through your veins, as the sense of accomplishment, exceeds your needs and cravings. (You are free! You did it!) With the constant care of your loved ones, you are living a fuller, happier, and healthier life than you did, when you were smoking.

With each passing year, the body heals. Trust yourself, trust the process. The health benefits are worth it, your joy is worth fighting for. In the end, it’s all for a great cause – SELF-RECOVERY and QUITTING SMOKING.

All these positive benefits excite you, don’t they? If a smoke-free life is what you seek, it is time for you to take the first step!

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