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Refund Policy

QuitSure offers a unique 100% money back guarantee (no questions asked) if the program doesn't work for you. Please go through the details of this refund policy here.

Last Updated: July 31, 2023

  1. This money-back guarantee refund offer is ONLY applicable for subscriptions purchased BEFORE 30th September, 2023. Just send us an email from your registered email id to and we will refund your subscription fee within 7 days.

  2. Only applicable if the program does not work for you and you are unable to quit smoking/vaping or other nicotine based products (as applicable), using the QuitSure Program.

  3. For the clients who have subscribed via the Apple App Store: Unfortunately, Apple does not allow any of its apps to process refunds to its subscribers. However, we will still provide you the refund through PayPal to your PayPal account. If you would like a refund, please provide your PayPal account's email address while requesting refund. If you don't have PayPal account, we are happy to accept your friend's PayPal account details also.
    (Note for Indian users only: The refund will be provided in the form of an Amazon gift voucher as PayPal is not supported for such transactions.)

  4. Only applicable when the refund is requested WITHIN 21 DAYS of purchasing the subscription.

  5. If you just browse through the program and mark the items completed, without actually following the program, then the refund is not applicable. Please don't use the refund policy to get unfair access to the program.

  6. You will only be refunded the amount paid by you for your CURRENT month's subscription, NOT for previous subscription periods. You will be eligible for refund only ONCE.

  7. You will lose access to all the material in the program as soon as we begin processing your refund.

  8. For other subscription related queries click here.

  9. You can find our detailed Terms and Conditions here.

For refunds related to switching from Text Program to Video Program:

This option is NOT available to clients who have subscribed via the Apple App Store.


For Android users: To get a refund for the Text program purchased by you, when switching to the Video program, you must purchase the Video program before requesting the refund. After that you can simply connect with your coach or send us an email at with your order id. 

To find your order id, please refer to the email that you received from Google (from: at the time of purchasing the subscription. You can also just share with us a screenshot of this email.

If you are switching from Video to Text program, then refund is not applicable.

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