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How much does the program cost?

The fee is nominal: USD 40 to50 per month, depending upon the country that you are in. As the program is only 6 days long and should be completed within 12 days, you do not need to subscribe for more than one month.


The first few modules of the QuitSure program are free. You will get some really useful information about how smoking addiction traps us, as well as experience how the program works. Post that, the entire program can only be accessed by purchasing a subscription.

How do I subscribe to the QuitSure Program?

The first few modules of QuitSure are free, so that you can understand how the program works and which program to choose. The remaining modules and exercises will be locked until you purchase a subscription.


To purchase a subscription, please use the following steps:

  1. First, make sure that you are using the right program, that you want to subscribe to (QuitSure Text, QuitSure Video, or other language program).

  2. Simply tap on any locked module or exercise on your home screen.

  3. This will open the subscription page with the pricing details.

  4. Tap on the 'subscribe now' button at the bottom of the page.

  5. Use any payment method linked to your Google or Apple account.


To know about the payment methods available in your country, please visit the right link below and choose your country:


For Google Play Store: For Apple App Store:


Once you purchase a subscription, the entire program will be unlocked for you and you will be able to access all the modules and exercises while your subscription is active.


You can see your subscription status and manage your subscription at anytime via the "My QuitSure Subscription" link in your Profile Page.


Subscription pricing details are shown in previous questions. Continue reading below to understand more about managing your subscription.

Will I get automatically charged for the subscription?

No! You will NOT be charged automatically. You will NOT be automatically subscribed to the paid program. We do not have your payment information and cannot charge you anything. If you choose to subscribe to the paid program, and manually complete the subscription purchase process yourself, only then will you be charged by the App Store/Play Store. This is similar to how in-app subscriptions work in other apps on the App Store/Play Store. 

However, after the first month, in some cases, your subscription will be automatically renewed after your current subscription period ends. This is controlled by the Play Store and App Store and your subscription settings. To prevent this automatic renewal from happening, make sure you cancel your subscription at least 48 hours before it is scheduled to renew. You will still have access to all the program material until the last day of your current subscription period.

Why is the subscription for one month? Why does it auto-renew?

You may be wondering why the program has a monthly subscription, when it is just a 6 day program.

Practically, many of our clients are leading quite hectic lifestyles. So they need 10-12 days to complete the program. This is completely fine and the program has been designed to be completed in 6-12 days.

But because of our dependence on smoking, we have a tendency to procrastinate (we have all felt this before our many quitting attempts). This is the biggest reason that most of us find it difficult to quit, or even start the quitting attempt. To avoid that, we have defined this one month timeline within which the program must be completed. It gives our clients that little extra push they need to overcome procrastination.

In fact, because of this time limit, many clients complete the program right before their subscription is due to end. Without this time limit, they may have continued to delay doing the program and may still have been smokers today.

The default behaviour of Apple and Google subscriptions is to auto-renew. If you have completed the program and are smoke-free, you will not need to access the program’s content. So we request you to unsubscribe once you have completed the program. You will still have access to the tools and your journal after unsubscribing.  

Will I have access to the coach if I have not subscribed?

You will need to purchase the subscription to be able to chat with your personal coach about the program. Once you purchase the subscription, you have access to the coach for 1 year.

However, the coaching service is always available for free to handle any technical issues that you may face.

What payment methods can I use to pay for the program?

We process payments via the Apple App Store (if you are using an iPhone/iPad) and Google Play Store (if you are using an Android device). See the links below to understand which payment methods are offered by them for your country. 


Apple/App Store: iPhone/iPad

Android/Play Store: Mobile/Tablet

I paid the fee but the program is still locked for me

We are so sorry that you have experienced this. Please use the following steps to check whether the payment was actually successful or not:


Check if you have received a successful payment receipt EMAIL from:

Google (from:

or Apple (from:


If you HAVE received this email:

Please contact us immediately via the app or at with a screenshot of your email.

We will fix your issue ASAP.

If you have NOT received this email:

Check your transaction history on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to check if they processed your transaction properly or have canceled it or are in the process of refunding the amount.

It is possible that the amount was temporarily deducted from your account but Google/Apple were unable to complete the transaction successfully. In that case, the amount will be automatically refunded to you.

If your transaction is not successful, then Google/Apple will not activate your subscription and will not allow us to give you access to the paid portions of the program.

Use the following links for Google Support and for Apple Support to connect with Google/Apple customer service and fix your issue.

Unfortunately, both Google and Apple force us to use their payment gateways. We are given limited information about your payment and have no control on whether your transaction is successful or not. We understand your frustration and will do our best to get the program working for you as soon as we can.

I do not see the option to subscribe. What to do?

Please contact us at

I can't afford the program. How can I get the program at a discounted price?

We are willing to collaborate with college institutes, corporates or insurance providers to provide bulk licenses at significant discount. So we suggest that you request your company/college administration to partner with us to get this discounted rate.


This will also help your colleagues to quit smoking.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time via the subscription management page of your Play Store or App Store account.

As of October 2023, the instructions on how to manage your app subscriptions can be found here:

Apple/App Store: iPhone/iPad

Android/Play Store: Mobile/Tablet

Can I get a refund for my subscription? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

QuitSure offers a unique money back guarantee (no questions asked) if the program doesn't work for you. 


To request the refund, please send an email from your registered email id to In this email, please mention your date of purchase and your order id, so that we can identify your transaction on Playstore.


To find out your order id, please refer to the email that you received from
Google (from: at the time of purchasing the subscription. You can also just share with us a screenshot of this email.


Also, please check your Playstore subscription settings for QuitSure app. If the subscription was auto-renewable, you should cancel it to avoid future charges.


You can find updated details of the terms of our Refund Policy here.

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